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Prices for serveral types of work

Please, check the news section first! (some particularity that overwrites any of the following conditions may be active)
Remember that you must include paypal fees (6%) to the final price (except if you are a European resident and send the payment as friends or family).
For more information check the FAQ


• Illustrations
• Chibi (colored)
• Dakimakura
• Detailed Sketch
• Sketch Animation
• Sketch Manga Page


Waist up = Waist and up (hips not included)
Full body = Anything that exceeds "Waist up"

I can accept
- Large groups (extra fees apply for complexity of shared perspective)
- Bondage/DID (extra fees apply for ropes/accesories)
- Hentai (extra fees apply for genitals and/or complex body interactions)
- Tentacles (with or without hentai)
- Other styles (like semirealism)

Not available:
- Mecha
- Yaoi
- Extreme bondage (like wamayu, offensive with lolis, etc)
- Vore
- Pregnant
- Furry

Colored Illustration

Base price per character:
Headshot: 45€
Waist up: 60€
Full body: 90€
Background: +5€ pattern or simple background || +30-40€ full painted background (you can choose no background, with some floor shadows for free)
Hentai/Porn: There is no problem with ecchi, maybe nudity, but hentai drawings requires an extra ammount to be paid.
Depend of the drawing (hentai poses/interactions can be very complex) starting at +25€
*Price can be increased for complex perspectives, outfits, weapons, very detailed backgrounds, etc
*Commercial use not included

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Full Colored Chibi
The base price is 40€ (per chibi).
*Will be a colored chibi with pattern as background or without background
*Chibi will be only a tumaru style.

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Base price: 250€ (back and front view)
Dakimakura consists of:
- Base full body character - 90€ (front)
- Base full body character - 90€ (back)
- 40€ For personal use/personal distribution. (You can share it, print it, but not sell it)
- 30€ background
- Ecchi or hentai not included (will increase the price)

Price will increase too for complex outfits or extra details (like a plushie, weapons,detailed dress, etc)
Extra: You can ask me for commercial rights (to resell authorized)

Dakimakura Samples

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Detailed Sketch

Base price per character:
Full Body sketch: 50€
Anything under full body: 35€

*Price can increase for complex perspectives, outfits, weapons, backgrounds, etc


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Animated Sketch

Bring your character to life! (or your favorite one hehe)
Cost per keyframe starting at 50€
You can negotiate the frame price when:
- Is a chibi animation
- Partial animations (only is animated half of the drawing like the second example)
- Animations where simple frames are the majority

If you have doubts about the budget of an animation, you can pay a fixed advance of 40€
and receive a full animation in the form of a stickman,
on which to negotiate the budget regarding the number of frames and keyframes.

If you decide to buy an animation commmission,
Those 40€ will be recovered offering free the first frame valued at 50€
If after that you are not interested, those € 40 cannot be recovered

Note the difference between keyframes and frames please.
I'm not charging full price for intermediate frames (frames with minimal changes or interpolated ones)
If in a few frames the movement only slightly affects parts of the body
without having to redraw them, or not much (such as moving the legs or arms without redrawing them)
the cost will be minimal, starting at € 3.

On the other hand, if a character only has animated her torso, cost per frame would be half.
There is no more reduction from there (for a unique frame), because animating the character's head is very laborious

Price will increase for complex outfits, physics, character interactions,
complex perspectives or extra details (like a plushie, weapons,detailed dress, etc)

Sketch Animation samples (they would be very clean sketches)

(cheaper example, very rough)

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Manga Sketch Pages

Cost per character starting at 45€ for full body
Cost per character starting at 30€ for anything except full body
Cost per complex background or complex elements in manga panel starting at 45€ (like cars, buildings, destruction, etc)
You can negotiate the price about pages with lot of panels if some work is reusable
You can negotiate the price about the "sketch level" (very rough is cheaper, very defined more expensive)

Price will increase for complex outfits, complex perspectives or extra details (like a plushie, weapons,detailed dress, etc)

Sketch manga page sample

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