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What payment options are available?

Paypal is the only payment available option.
Paypal payment address is: [email protected]

What happen with paypal fees?

The paypal commission is being a term of confusion lately.
The paypal fees must be added to the prices listed, like you do in any other online store when paying.

You must add 6% on the specified amount for paypal fees

If you are an European resident, you can send payments without any commission by choosing "pay for friends and family".
It is your decision if you want to pay the extra or not of the commission (if you are a European resident)

If you send a pament without the fee, you will be notified by me for the missing ammount.
Your commission will not start until the full amount has been sent.

When should I make the payment?

Payment must always be made in advance.
If there is a queue of users you can wait for it to end or deposit the payment to reserve a position.

I have made the payment, what is next?

The maximum term to receive your finished order is 30 days. (usually not more than two weeks)

After payment, you will first receive a sketch of your order to assess changes.
It will be the only revision stage that your order will go through, so you should write down the changes you want.

After indicating the changes to be made, before the end of the 30 days (from the moment of payment) you will receive the order completely finished with the changes made.

There is some restriction with the purchased material?

Yes, the work you receive may be subject to one or more restrictions, among which are:

- Do not make the highest resolution version public
- Do not publish any version
- Cannot be sold or used commercially
- Cannot be used as a basis for other drawings

Depending on the conditions, You can purchase permits separately for commercial rights or for public distribution.

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